Fleming Regional Animal Care & Surgical Center
9142 Morehead Road
Flemingsburg, KY 41041
Grooming for
everyday and
special occasions.
Fleming Regional Animal Care & Surgical Centerl offers Professional
Grooming Services by Stephanie Stamper right here in the clinic.
Grooming is available Monday through Friday by appointment.
Stephanie will personally go over the specifics of what style cut you
desire, and any other services you would like for your pet.
It is recommended that a regular grooming schedule be started
during puppyhood/kittenhood and to maintain it throughout the pets
life. Vaccines for all grooms clients must be current.

Services Offered
•      *Ear pluck/cleaning
  *Gland expression
  *Teeth Brushing
 * Clip of your choice
 * Bows or Bandana
  *Spritz of cologne

Small $40
Medium $50
Large $70 and up